oxygen concentrator zeolite

Product Data Sheet


Our zeolite product is made in the E.U. size 0,4-0,8. 93% (+/- 3%)

It is a synthetic zeolite designed to perform in oxygen concentrators intended for medical use.

The zeolite is a high Sodium content product with a good capacity and selectivity for Nitrogen.


PRODUCT BENEFITS: its a universally accepted adsorbent for many older and new oxygen concentrators already in the field.




Nitrogen adsorption capacity (25°C and 1 atm)                                Nl/kg                       8.0

Selectivity N2/O2 (25°C and 1 atm)                                                                                     3.0

Bulk crushing strength                                                                        MPa                          1.5

Loss on ignition (1 hour at 950°C)                                                        %                            1.0

Particle size

                    above           1 mm                                                                                             1

                    above        0.4 mm                                                             %                             90

                    above     0.315 mm                                                                                            98


Water content measured by Karl Fisher                                             %                              1

Bulk density                                                                                      kg/m3                    580-640




Zeolite is available in approximately 0.60 mm beads.

Our zeolite is protected against access to oxygen and light, which is very important for maintaining its properties!


Molecular sieve (zeolite) for oxygen concentrators.

If the oxygen concentrator lights up the LED indicating that the oxygen level is low, it is most likely caused

used molecular sieve (zeolite).

They should be replaced every several thousand hours of concentrator operation (different manufacturers of concentrators provide different values). 

The service technician can replace the zeolite on his own or send the concentrator to our company where we will make such a replacement.

For this purpose, please contact us by phone.

Freeair medical oxygen concentrator Zeolite

15 kilo DRUM ZEOLITE 0,4-0,8 High Sodium for oxygen concentrators.

Universally accepted adsorbent for many older oxygen and new stationair oxygen-concentrators already in the field.

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