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ANGELBISS, a promising brand has been registered at Germany, Malaysia, the USA and PRC China. AngelBiss Healthcare Inc, an engineering development center and the first company focus on fluctuation of oxygen concentrator and the only company capable of controlling the fluctuation rate within 0.1% when even oxygen output is at 7bar high pressure.


AngelBiss team engage in development, exportation and manufacturing of quality products on the field of Oxygen applications, Hydrogen applications, HBOT applications, Vacuum applications and Gas tester applications.


AngelBiss has provided many applicable O2 and H2 solutions to vary customers all over the world with her own unique strength and powerful engineering capabilities since 2005. The benefitable customers including Malaysia, United Kingdoms, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, India, Iraq, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, the USA, the UAE, Yemen, Ukraine, Chile, Peru, Japan, Australia, etc.


NED: Kortom, kiezen voor Angelbiss betekent vertrouwen op een leider in de zuurstofconcentrator industrie, met een constante toewijding aan innovatie, kwaliteit, efficiëntie en klanttevredenheid. Uw gezondheid en comfort zijn onze topprioriteiten.

european distributor Angelbiss products

Innovative manufacturer and  producent, European Angelbiss distributor with a EWOT and Hydrogen inhalation center to test our own produced oxygen-hydrogen products.  Warehouse and warranty repair-center in the Netherlands. ( you send in, we ship back ).


Sales of EWOT systems, hydrogen generators and oxygen concentrators for the wellness, beauty sector, the recreation, sports and fitness industry directly or through our European dealer-network.


As the official representation of Angelbiss in Europe, we first collect your documentation and needs for purchasing. Based on your information we will check whether you can order through The Netherlands or direct from our production plant in Shanghai,China


Dealer network in:

Netherlands, United kingdom, Germany, Slovakia, Belgium and Poland. 


PLEASE NOTE: open by appointment only.

Op afspraak geopend, graag bellen met:


TEL: 06 20 99 60 60  



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