Hydrogen and EWOT therapy, because you recover from inside.

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is used in people who suffer from COPD (such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema), lung cancer, insufficient heart function (heart failure), cystic fibrosis, asthma and occupational diseases that affect the lungs, among others. Oxygen therapy can also be used for specific forms of headache complaints (cluster headache).


Several successful applications of oxygen therapy


Wound care 

Covid-19 virus

Long Covid recovery

type 2 diabetes

Pain relief

Skin problems

Top sport

Restore immune system

(chronic fatigue,

Burn-out ME and Fibromyalgia)

Cosmetic treatments

Cluster headache

Erectile dysfunction


EWOT Multistep therapie

Besides BioCheck, there are currently no programs in the Netherlands in which both the diagnostic equipment and the method have been scientifically validated. This method has especially proven itself in the field of chronic fatigue, such as Burn-out ME, Long Covid and Fibromyalgia. And we are proud of that. We hope that our system can also contribute to your vitality.


Developed by: Prof. dr. Dr. Manfred von Ardenne and sporty tuned by the EnergyControl Academy of


 Stans van der Poel


Freeair Hydrogen HG-900 serie


The hydrogen oxygen machine (The trademark  Freeair™  has been authorized by Europe representative of Angelbiss) can continuously produce high concentrations of hydrogen from water, using a process called electrolysis. It can be used for hydrogen therapy and health care. The body absorbs hydrogen mainly to fight toxic free radicals and inflammation. Studies have shown that inhaling hydrogen can increase energy, slows down the ageing process and improves muscle recovery after exercise. At the same time, it is a good adjunct to the treatment of more than 60 diseases such as tumors and chronic diseases. HG-900 series hydrogen machines use SPE electrolysis technology, which is non-corrosive, produces no impurity gases and is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.


Ewot Multistep Oxygen Bag

What a entrepreneur started with a healthy vision becomes reality. The EWOT Multistep system is becoming successful, it has now been tested for 2 years at BioCheck, among others, with positive results. We have now received approval for the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC for our EWOT Bag. In addition to serving the Dutch market, we have also sold the EWOT Multistep oxygen bag to clients in Belgium, Brazil, France, Poland, Portugal, England, Ireland, Russia, Italy, Spain, Romania, Germany, Croatia, Africa, South Korea, the Czech Republic , Slovakia, China, Hungary, Mexico, Latvia and the United States.

New 15s Oxygenconcentrator

15 Liter oxygen-concentrator

Angel-15S is a PSA 15 liter large flow oxygen concentrator. It is currently the world’s first 15 liter large flow oxygen concentrator!


It provides 93%±3% medical high purity oxygen, basically meet the demand of heavy duty COPD patients. Equiped with 6 alarm systems and 6 inches LED screen, Angel-15S can bring you comfortable EWOT experience.


Technical Specifications:


Product Model - Angel-15S


Max O2 Flow                    0,5 - 15lpm

O2 Purity                          93% ± 3%

Output Pressure             0.4—0.6bar

Size                                    41.4 x33.7 x66.6cm

Weight                              26kg

Noise                                 ≤55dB(A)

Volts                                  AC 220-240V

Power                               800w

About us

Innovative manufacturer and  producent, Europeen Angelbiss distributor with a EWOT and Hydrogen inhalation center to test our own produced oxygen products. Always busy to keep healthcare affordable for humans and animals.


Sale of EWOT systems, hydrogen generators and oxygen concentrators for the medical sector, the care sector, wellness and fitness industry directly or through our network.


Dealer network in:

Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Belgium and Poland. who's next. 


Call or whatsapp for information 

Orders please only trough the website.


PLEASE NOTE: open by appointment only.


     06 20 99 60 60  


Inspector O2 Oxygen Analyzer


The Angelbiss O2 inspector analyzer is designed to measure oxygen -  concentration, flow,  temperature and pressure using technology that uses a piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor. All relevant measurement data is displayed on the unit’s LCD screen.


No oxygen sensor required

No calibration necessary


Protective case

Oxygen measuring

Convenient pressure unit

measurement (PSI or kPa)

Durable, compact design

Large, easy-to-read, liquid crystal display (LCD)

Shielded, reinforced sample gas inlet port

Low battery indication

Easy to clean


Freeair 5 Oxygen-concentrator

Delivering up to 5 lpm with high oxygen concentration across all flow rates, this Freeair 5L concentrator helps to increase patient comfort and lower operating costs.

HBOT Coming Soon.


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