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Freeair Hydroxy H2 Machine HG-600D

The hydrogen machine can continuously produce high concentrations of hydrogen from water, using a process called electrolysis. It can be used for hydrogen therapy and health care. The body absorbs hydrogen mainly to fight toxic free radicals and inflammation. Studies have shown that inhaling hydrogen can increase energy, slows down the ageing process and improves muscle recovery after exercise. At the same time, it is a good adjunct to the treatment of more than 60 diseases such as tumors and chronic diseases. HG-600 series hydrogen machines use SPE electrolysis technology, which is non-corrosive, produces no impurity gases and is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.



SPE Technology, Chlorine and Ozone Free

Hydrogen Concentration up to 99.99%

High hydrogen Flow 600ml/min

Oxygen flow 300ml/min

CE 2292 certificate 2006/42/EC

Standards EN ISO 12100:2010 EN ISO 60204-1:2018

Independent Hydrogen & Oxygen Outlet

One-button start, Smart Touch Screen

Three Intelligent Detection Systems


Screen Display System:

Intelligent Detection

Real-time TDS Value

Each Running Time

Accumulated Time

Timer Setting 15-180 Minutes


Three Intelligent Detection System:

To ensure the safe operation of the machines and to provide qualified hydrogen, the HG-600 series hydrogen machines are equipped with three intelligent detection systems: temperature sensing, water quality monitoring and water level detection.


Temperature Sensor

When the temperature exceeds 60°C, the yellow light is on; when it exceeds 70°C, the red light is on, the machine alarms, the fault code E-1 is displayed, and machine stops running at the same time.

Water Quality Monitoring

When the TDS value exceeds 50, the red light is on, the fault code E-2 is displayed, the machine alarms, and the machine stops running at the same time.

Water Level Detection

When there is water shortage (water level is lower than 400ml), the red light is on, the machine alarms, the fault code E-3 is displayed, and the machine stops running at the same time.

SPE Electrolysis Technology

SPE technology, its full name is solid polymer electrolyte water electrolysis hydrogen production (oxygen) technology, using water as raw material to produce hydrogen and oxygen through proton membrane, in which hydrogen is produced at the cathode, and oxygen is produced at the anode, and the volume ratio is 2:1. Proton membrane hydrogen production requires pure water or distilled water, and the hydrogen and oxygen produced are also of high purity.



Full year warranty on motor, plates and electrical parts. 




a. Keep away from ignition sources and never light the hydrogen outlet to avoid danger.

b. Keep the water level in the tank between the maximum and minimum level to avoid machine failure due to lack of water or high water level.

c. Use purified or distilled water to avoid exceeding the TDS value and damaging the machine.

d. The water in the tank needs to be replaced weekly.



Freeair Hydrogen H2-600D generator.

Model Freeair Hydrogen H2



           Hydrogen Oxygen Machine

    Hydrogen and oxygen independent outlet.

Brown's gas

                          66% - 33%

Hydrogen Purity.

                             99,99 %

Oxygen Purity

                             99,99 %

Hydrogen Flow


Oxygen Flow



               Purified Water/Distilled Water

Water Consumption

                      30 ~ 36ml/hour

Water Tank


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